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Welcome to the official website of Callie James, author of two award-winning young adult books and one adult romance. Here you can find everything you want to know about Callie, as a writer and as a person. You can also ask her questions about her work.

Young Adult Paranormal

As a fan of paranormal fiction since childhood, Callie recently incorporated paranormal into her young adult books and can't seem to stop. She's currently working on a trilogy to release in 2020.





Young Adult Romance

Callie spent 15 years writing adult romance before she discovered she enjoyed reading and writing young adult romance even more. She's published two award-winning YA romances--Innocent and Student Bodyguard for Hire. She has plans for more YA romances but is currently focused on her YA paranormal trilogy.


Adult Romance

Although Callie was a writer of adult romance for most of her writing life (at least 15 novels), she has only published one of those books--Home to Stay. Although she doesn't plan to continue writing adult romance (she wrote and published Home to Stay more for herself than anything), she also says, "Never say never."

YA Book Awards

Callie grew up in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon throughout the first three decades of her life. Later, she moved to the South for the much needed sunshine, hospitality and a change of pace. She enjoys a variety of genres and is a huge fan of paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and just plain good writing. When she isn't reading or writing fiction, she works at a local university and enjoys studying the benefits of good nutrition and its direct correlation to fighting inflammation and disease in the body. She documents her findings in a personal blog Incidentally Inflammation. With a grown son living in Germany, Callie is the happy the mum of several domestic house bunnies and loves to volunteer her time on weekends at the local rabbit rescue. Callie loves to hear from fans. Please feel free to contact her below:

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